Since its foundation the firm has grown steadily, and is now a leading law firm highly active at both national and international level and employing about ten attorneys.

Based in Lugano, which is in the canton of Ticino (in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland) and Switzerland’s third most important financial center, it is geographically close to Northern Italy, a region among Europe’s wealthiest and most dynamic for industry and commerce. In addition, Lugano stands on one of Europe’s main north-south traffic routes.

This favorable geographical situation and the multilingual skills of its attorneys (Italian, German, French and English) place the firm in an ideal position to play a leading role, especially in matters involving Switzerland and Italy.
The firm can offer national and international clients a wide range of services in many different areas of legal practice.


07.07.2016 - Informazioni fiscali e garanzie per i clienti
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Corriere del Ticino on 7 July 2016, page 2 (only in Italian)
15.06.2016 - Basta raccontarci "FAVOLE"
Interview with Paolo Bernasconi published in: TICINO WELCOME, June/August 2016, p. 26-27 (only in Italian)
14.06.2016 - Corruzione privata: nuove norme penali
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: Corriere del Ticino, 14 June 2016, p. 4 (only in Italian)
08.06.2016 - La BSI, la Finma e le regole procedurali
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: Corriere del Ticino, 8 June 2016, p. 1 & 4 (only in Italian)
We have the pleasure in informing you that in June 2016 attorney Pascal Delprete started working in our Law Firm. He graduated at University of Fribourg in 2001. His extensive professional knowledge and experiences will enable our Law Firm to stren..
03.06.2016 - Fishing expedition et demandes groupées
Bernasconi Paolo / Schürch Simone, Fishing expedition et demandes groupées. L'interdiction de la fishing expedition dans la coopération internationale en matière fiscale, in: Eigenmann/Poncet/Ziegler (éd.), Mé..
03.06.2016 - Punissabilité pénale des rétrocessions
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: GSCGI-WealthGram N° 53, June 2016, pages 8-9 (only in French) Link
23.05.2016 - Gérants de fortunes: entre le marteau et l'enclume / Vermögensverwalter: zwischen Hammer und Amboss
Bernasconi Paolo, Gérants de fortunes: entre le marteau et l'enclume / Vermögensverwalter: zwischen Hammer und Amboss, in: Investnews - Guide 2016 des Gérants de Patrimoines / Investnews - Guide 2016 für Vermögensverwal..
15.05.2016 - «A Berna non si è mai voluta impedire la fuga verso i paradisi fiscali»
Interview with Paolo Bernasconi published on 15 May 2016 in Il Caffè, page 15 (only in Italian)  
12.05.2016 - «Das war kollektiv organisierte Steuerhinterziehung» (Panama Papers)
Interview with Paolo Bernasconi by Andreas Valda published on 12 May 2016 in Tages-Anzeiger (only in German) (see also connected article by Andreas Valda: "So baue ich mir eine Offshore-Tarnfirma", Tages-Anzeiger, 12.05.2016) Link


Via Lucchini 1
P.O.Box 5271
6901 Lugano

Tel. +41 91 910 06 06
Fax +41 91 910 06 00


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