Since its foundation the firm has grown steadily, and is now a leading law firm highly active at both national and international level and employing about ten attorneys.

Based in Lugano, which is in the canton of Ticino (in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland) and Switzerland’s third most important financial center, it is geographically close to Northern Italy, a region among Europe’s wealthiest and most dynamic for industry and commerce. In addition, Lugano stands on one of Europe’s main north-south traffic routes.

This favorable geographical situation and the multilingual skills of its attorneys (Italian, German, French and English) place the firm in an ideal position to play a leading role, especially in matters involving Switzerland and Italy.
The firm can offer national and international clients a wide range of services in many different areas of legal practice.


Iniziative contro l'evasione fiscale in Svizzera e all'estero - NEWSLETTER FISCALE INTERNAZIONALE (Paolo Bernasconi), updated 20 October 2016 (only in Italian)
14.10.2016 - Cooperazione internazionale in materia fiscale: quali garanzie per il contribuente e per i terzi coinvolti nella trasmissione spontanea e automatica di informazioni e nelle rogatorie raggruppate? Spunti dal modello svizzero
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10.10.2016 - La mise sous scellés dans la procédure pénale suisse et dans l'entraide internationale en matière pénale: analogies et spécificitées
Bernasconi Paolo / Schürch Simone, article published in: Jusletter 10 octobre 2016 (only in French)
08.10.2016 - L'acquisto da parte del fisco di database rubati contenenti nomi di evasori non viola i diritti fondamentali dell'uomo
Bernasconi Paolo / Galimberti Alessandro, article published in Il Quotidiano del Fisco (Il Sole 24 Ore) on 8 October 2016 (only in Italian)
06.10.2016 - I tribunali svizzeri e il fisco straniero
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Corriere del Ticino, 6 October 2016, page 4 (only in Italian)
24.09.2016 - BANKING OBSERVATORY (Tribune de Genève)
Bernasconi Paolo, various articles published monthly in Tribune de Genève (from October 2015 to September 2016) (only in French)
14.09.2016 - Banche e fisco estero: quella storia infinita
Bernasconi Paolo, Banche e fisco estero: quella storia infinita, published in: Corriere del Ticino on 14.09.2016, page 36 (only in Italian)
13.09.2016 - Istanze di gruppo, l'ok di Berna
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: Il Sole 24 Ore, 13 September 2016, p. 39 (only in Italian) (see also Press Release [in French] concerning Judgement of the Federal Supreme Court 2c_276/2016)    
26.08.2016 - L'international est-il hors de portée?
Interview with Paolo Bernasconi by Elsa Floret published in: AGEFI, 26 August 2016, page 8 (only in French)
02.08.2016 - Domande raggruppate fra la Svizzera e l'Olanda
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: NOVITÀ FISCALI N° 7-8 / July-August 2016, SUPSI, Manno, p. 17 - 23 (only in Italian)


Via Lucchini 1
P.O.Box 5271
6901 Lugano

Tel. +41 91 910 06 06
Fax +41 91 910 06 00


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